What Are Kava Supplements?

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You might not know this but kava was actually sold in the 1900s Sears Roebuck Catalogue now there's a piece of trivia you can throw out at a party. Kava is an extract from the root of a South Pacific herb and it is probably a number one for producing tranquility and reducing anxiety. Several years ago, there was a completely incorrect report that came out that saying that kava caused liver damage.

It does not. Two good human clinical studies at Duke University Medical Center have refuted that claim substantially. Kava, when you take it, promotes tranquility and peace very rapidly, sometimes in just a minute or two. It induces relaxation without spacing you out, without diminishing mental capacity in anyway, it's good for helping people to get to sleep. I've seen really, just completely hyper active kids after taking a little bit of kava just sit down and relax and have a normal conversation. Kava's a remarkable thing, it's enjoyed by people of the South Pacific Island every afternoon where they have what they call kava time and we here in the United States taking advantage of the O12 or 15 is a good human clinical studies that show Kava reduces anxiety, take Kava supplements, because we live in a stressed out world.

Kava, it's good for you.