How Can Drinking Coffee Help Me Live Longer?

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A lot of people think of coffee as a sort of a vice, a sinful pleasure. The truth of the matter is that coffee is really nothing, but good news. Now about 15% of people are intolerant to caffeine, if you're one of them, you know who you are because caffeine keeps you awake all night. In that instance, drink decaf, but I'm going to let you in on a little secret here, coffee is associated with a greatly reduced risk of colon and rectal cancers, improved cardiovascular health, reduced risk of Parkinson's disease, somewhat reduce risk of Alzheimer's disease, better digestion overall, and improved mental clarity. Coffee, we know for decades of research helps to stabilize blood sugar, it helps to reduce some of the signs of what we call metabolic syndrome, and if you drink two or three cups of coffee a day, you will be in the sweet spot for coffee's benefits. So, not a guilty pleasure anymore, a really, really healthy pleasure, drink coffee, don't feel bad about it, feel good about it, because it's doing good things for your body and your health.