How Are Polyphenols Good for My Health?

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Polyphenols are a broad group of antioxidant compounds derived from plants of all kinds and notably found in coffee in great concentration and these play a key role in protecting us from many different types of diseases. The Polyphenols not only protect the lipid membranes that cover our living cells, so they protect the cells themselves, but also they reduce inflammation in the body.

Inflammation we now know is one of the key factors in all chronic and degenerative diseases are diabetes, athritis, diseases of the brain, cardiovascular disease, kidney, lung disease, they all involve inflammation. The polyphenols, these antioxidant compounds in foods and found in concentrations in some things like coffee, help to reduce inflammation.

So, polyphenols are critically valuable to our health. They are especially concentrated in the Greek coffee and specifically as regards the Greek coffee they help to keep the endothelial cell layer in the interrior of the blood vessel walls, healthy and functional and supple, so that blood will flow smoothly and we'll have good cardiovascular health.