Does Homeopathy Work for Allergies?

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Homeopathy is an entirely different system of medicine that most people are just plain unaware of. Basically homeopathy uses absolutely microscopic amounts of substances which would cause the symptoms that they're used to treat if they were given in larger doses. For example, if you have any inflammation on the skin, a homeopathic remedy would be Bee venom which in concentration will cause an eruption of the skin and in very, very tiny amounts actually subdues eruptions.

In the case of allergies there are a number of homeopathic remedies for allergies, you find them in natural food stores and pharmacies. They'll be labelled specifically for allergies. Homeopathy is something that is very hotly contested. Some people believe that homeopathy doesn't work, but there are good studies showing that it does, and it is a legitimate and legal form of medicine in the United States.

Especially with little children, homeopathy is a good idea because they're not getting any significant amounts of anything that might be harmful for them. Homeopathy for allergies, another good way to go.