Can Drinking Tea Help Relieve Stress?

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Drinking green tea specifically can help to relieve stress because green tea, and particularly matcha green tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine that has a calming effect. We are a very, very fast paced society. We grab a beverage on the go and we are running down the road with our sippy cup in one hand, and a phone to the other ear.

Part of the cultural way of drinking tea is to stop, and just enjoy a cup, not enjoy a cup while you're checking emails, not enjoy a cup while you're quote, multitasking which is really just another way of saying scattered in a bunch of directions, but just taking time out for a peaceful moment. So there's the biological dimension of green tea which is that it has a somewhat calming effect, and there's also the time out factor.

Take a few minutes just do that, just sip and enjoy your tea. Don't do anything else at the same time. You deserve a little bit of a break.