How Can I Control My Temper?

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When you find yourself at a boiling point too often, you just want to deal with stressful situations better, you can't afford to miss this, Doctor Stultify[sp?] is back with best steps to tame your temper, hope you get that everybody's else [xx] issue[sp?] is [xx] help about my problem.

Right. Right. So my grade was a 10, but I had a high numbers into[sp?] the questions and in very low numbers into the questions. So what does that mean? Well, it's typical because those are the places that you get stuck and you get really angry, so I would take a look at those issues and try to see what are the red flags while you are in those moments before there comes so you can feel that the situation is going to blow me up and you have better tools to handle it.

But really look at the content of those situations because that's what stripping[sp?] you up. It's traffic, I hate traffic. Okay. Control. It fits to everybody myself included, is it going to help prevent and tame[sp?] your temper if you are about to be stimulated and you are in heat the moment the first way you argue that's what helps to prevent the anger to begin with is by taking Valerian root.

Yes, and the key is to take Valerian, the root and many times it's not sold that way. So you really want to make sure you are getting the real root about 300 Milligrams hour before bed time every night, good sedative effect gets in your blood, works, keeps you calmer from inside out.

Does it help with sleep as well for that reason? It does, it kind us let's you just [xx] of the sleep but it works all day, that's the key. Alright, the second tip you've got to help prevent anger is something called progressive muscle relaxation. I actually I thought I knew what this was but you have a very wonderful way of explaining it which is a little different than I learned it, so please share with everybody.

Okay, the key is to ground yourself, be flat on the floor, get against the wall, hands here, you are really stabilized, heads against the wall and you push your head back, count to 10, let go, count to 10, let go. You'll feel the muscle in your neck contract and expand, then you go down to your shoulders, same thing.

Let go, then you do swallow[sp?] your back and then you're there, and you do that about 3 or 4 times a day, holding it for 10 seconds as you go and while you're doing that you're thinking about your head and your heart because that's where your responses to anger come from. A little head, a little heart should meet somewhere in the middle and come out your mouth, then that's what your responses should be.

Oh, I love that symbolism. Half head, half heart, then you really can't wrong. Alright. Now these are two good preventive ideas. We've got some tips that actually help you deal with your temper in the heat of the moment which is when a lot of us lose it. The first you argue is, is a instant calming exercise.

It's to say to yourself unhook and take a look. Right. So that place you need to really know yourself, you've got to know your blood pressure is bubbling you got to know your pulse is going or you're entering a red flag zone. The minute you know that unhook from the situation, step back, take a look it's not about you, maybe that wailing baby has nothing to do with you.

Do you think they got up that day to plan to ruin your evening? No. So, the key is to unhook from it and be able to say to yourself, these people maybe they need help but it's not about me, unhook from it way before you blow it. The second tip you offer is a very wise one, is to use a phrase when you're in a combative situation and the phrase is very simple, it's no thanks, I won't go there.

Exactly, because in those situations when somebody is bumping in front of you, let them in because they're going to take you down a path of darkness and anger if you join with them. So say, no thanks I'm not going there, step back let them in, they get in line, they feel bad, you have your power back and you're not angry.

Okay and the final tip is your physical move to help diflate[sp?] the anger like you pop a balloon. Share this with us. Believe it or not, a lot of headaches come firm anger so there's a lot of tension and right where your hairline meets your neck, two fingers index middle, start on both sides, hold three seconds, push pressure, let go and move yourself into the metal where your fingers will then connect, and you do that along the back of your neck and you've lower your pressure, lower your pulse, take a deep breath and move your eyes in a different direction and you have now brought your whole physical being from rage down to common.

You know what I love is, you all trying this already. Keep going at, I'm really cool, instinctively you're doing it, it feels good, doesn't it? Yup.