What New Drug Therapies Treat Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms?

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Recently now we have a new drug called Ampyra, which actually improves gait in the number of people, not everybody but in a number of people and how this drug works it actually blocks the leakage of potassium from exposed axons remember that MS is the disease in which the focus of the immune attack is the insulation of nerves cells mile and sick.

If that myelin sheath is stripped away then the normal channels that cause sodium and potassium to flow in and out of the axon, the cable that connects one cell to the other are now exposed and that reduces the membrane potential so you can't excite the axon anymore, it becomes inexcitable. What ampyra does is it blocks the potassium channel so it increases the chance that an impulse will get through. A person walks better and in fact I've seen patients throw away their cane or their brace and walk normally. Not everybody but anybody who has a gait problem is certainly a consideration for using this medication to see if it'll help them improve their walking speed.

Walking is probably one of the greatest problems that affects the MS person. We also, we have ways to manage the bladder now it's the rare patient who has problems with bladder control, urgency, getting up at night three or four times time, accidents. It's the rare patient that we can't find a way to control that bladder till it's working normally for them.

That is they are free of concerns, they are not getting up at night, they are not having accidents, they leave the home with no concern about what's going to happen the rest of the day because they have the therapy that's working.