How Can I Prevent Cognitive Impairment with Multiple Sclerosis?

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We try to find the disease modifying therapies that prevent the accumulation of new scars in the brain and spinal cord. So I do frequent MRI's in the first few years of a new treatment, until I'm convinced that the disease is controlled. If I see new spots accumulating there, we have a discussion about switching, to something else, something different to see if we can find a way to prevent more accummulation of damage. There really isn't any proven way, to impact positively on cognitive deficits. Many of us believe that keeping the mind sharp, does tend to prevent that.

There's lots of evidence of this in the Alhzeimer's literature for example. Using your brain rather than watching TV and sitcoms. I mean reading, doing mental puzzles, doing that sort of thing. I do believe that you can teach individuals how to organize themselves better so that the impact of cognitive problem will be rehabilitated.

So, whether you use an iPad for this purpose or cellphone or whatever you do to keep your day organised, your appointment set up for yourself, you have all your contacts in order. You can really access them so the impact of the cognitive problem is reduced, but there is no medication that works. Now we do have drugs for Alzheimer's to use as you know, you know drugs like Aricept, and so on but these do not work in MS. The tests have been done and none of the tests that are probably conducted have shown that an affect on cognitive dysfunction in MS with these medications used for Alzheimer's Disease.

And remember the pathology what's going on in the brain is totally different from the two conditions.