What is a Liquid Nutritional Cleanse?

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For the overnight diet I combine two strategies, the first strategy is a liquid cleanse, so over night you can lose up to two pounds you lose water and salt, you germs start it for the rest of the week, and you feel good overnight. Liquid diet have been very important over the years, we are helping people lose weight, it's is based on interment fasting, where for year on, when there wasn't food very well we didn't eat and we felt okay for a while because we're burning fats.

So I combine that strategy with the idea that you need some protein during that day, and so the protein, the protein powder goes into those smoothies, fresh fruits and vegetables and some dairy. The protein helps you feel full, it builds muscle and you can burn fat while building muscle.

Why do we care about, muscle? Well muscle first for makes you look good, buy it makes you feel good and boost your metabolism. Your muscles is the reason why you have a resting metabolic rate that burns even while you are sitting there.