What Are Some Stereotypes About Overweight People?

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Well, some general stereotypes of overweight people, if you for example see somebody walking down the street and they are obese, you think slovenly, repulsive, smelly, disgusting, stupid, lazy, all of the negative attributes that you can possibly think of attributed to that person's obesity.

Stupid has nothing to do with obesity, has nothing to do with your weight but that's what people think of obese people. The opposite of somebody walking down the street whose lean, now usually what happens is in research are people, choose out these discriminatory factors by showing two pictures of people, a lean person and obese, and saying what do you attribute what are this person's characteristics? And the lean person would get intelligent, attractive, determined, organised and the fat person, the obese person would get disorganized, lazy, repulsive, no self control, slovenly.

And so that's where it starts, just by what a person looks like people have these discriminatory, give them discriminatory attributes and that's what has to stop. The AMA has proclaimed obesity to be a disease. That's step one. Step two would be to continue to do research on how people develop obesity.

It is a genetic and environmental disease caused by both the interaction of genetics and the environment having nothing to do with will power. Because if an obese person had the willpower power to stop eating or could not be obese, nobody wants to be obese. It's very difficult to be obese in this world.

People discriminate against you if they could do something about it they would have done something about it. That's what really people need to understand.