Dr. Caroline Apovian - Are there all natural supplements to speed metabolism and weight loss?

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That's an interesting question. The question about other natural substances for weight loss. The problem with natural substances is that many of research institutions don't do studies on these substances at least long term because these studies are very expensive to do. In the studies that have been done, there have been some side effects regarding natural substances like arsenic for example or chitosan for weight loss.

Chitosan is a substance for example that can bind fat that you ingest from being absorbed and so you mal-absorb some of the fat. Chitosan is safe, however there's another product on the market called orlistat which is actually more effective effective than Chitosan to bind fat.

And so even if a natural substance is safe, the next question you have to ask is it actually effective. So we look at safety and effectiveness for natural substances and of course the first thing we want to make sure is that these substances are safe. And I can tell you that while some are safe, we really need to do longer term studies and I'd love to do a long term study on coffee been extract for example.