Why Should I Get up at the Same Time Every Day?

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One of the most important things that you can do for yourself to help keep your sleep quiet and restful at night is to get up the same time everyday day, what we fail to realize is there's a very sophisticated mechanism and biorhythm that help maintain wake during the day and sleep at night, and when you don't get up the same time every single day, you disrupt those rhythms and then they are not there to help support you fall asleep and maintain sleep, so very critical get up the same time everyday.

Now most people would say oh my gosh With all the things I have to do how am I supposed to get up the same time everyday, my schedule so erratic and sometimes I just can't get to bed at night, doing all the things that I need to do. Well, if you find that you have restricted your sleep.

You still want to get up the same time every day. And then what you can do then to offset the sleep loss, is take a nap during the day. Now you want that nap to be no more than 40 minutes, because if you nap for more than 40 minutes you'll start getting into deeper stages of sleep and it'll be hard for you to wake up.

You'll wake up confused and it will also start disrupting your sleep at night. So think of it like money paid in the bank, you only need to pay so much to pay off your debt and that's all you need to pay. So if you sleep too much during the day, you won't need as much sleep at night and your sleep will be disrupted.

So a nap is fine, but no more than 40 minutes.