Why Should I Avoid Using the Snooze Button on My Alarm Clock?

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When you get up in the morning, if you keep hitting that snooze button, first of all what's it's telling me, is if you have to keep hitting the snooze button, you really haven't been keeping your regular schedule, and your clock has not been able, or the clock in your brain has not been able to set rhythms that will really help you get out of bed, and wake up wide awake.

If you did get up same time every single morning. That clock would be there to set those rhythms, so you wouldn't need alarm clock and you would get up at the same time everyday and feel wide awake, happy and rested. When we don't keep a regular schedule, then we need an alarm clock to interrupt our sleep to get us up, and when you sleep at night there is a pattern.

Your brain cycles through non rem and rem sleep every 90 to 120 minutes. This process of sleep is so very important to reorganize your brain and it strengthens your physiology, both mentally and physically, so you can take on the day, and when you interrupt that process prematurely, it really isn't good for your health.

So if your alarm clock is going off and you have to keep hitting the snooze button, it tells me that you're really not keeping a regular schedule and adhering to healthy sleep habits, but the the other problem that many people are unaware of is, hitting that snooze button means that you're probably going to be getting up at a point in time, where you're not going to feel so well, because when you go through these different stages of sleep, there's parts of sleep where the brain is big and different types of chemicals that again helping to restructure and reorganize your brain, and you run the chance of getting up feeling groggy and drunk.

So hitting the snooze button is not a good thing. The best thing you really should do at that point in time, is just get out of bed and start resetting that rhythm and that will help you to maintain a regular wake up time, every single day so you won't even need an alarm clock to get up in the morning.