What Is a Good Sleeping Environment?

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We'll tend to think of the lower bedroom as a place where you want to bring your interior decorator in and with like bold and bright colors, and we try to want to make for a kid a special environment make it like a basketball court with all the light, and we bring all our computers and our electronics into our bed rooms, and all of that really the worst thing that you can be doing to create a sleep environment is going to help you get healthy sleep.

The brain is looking for a safe comfortable environment to sleep. And so you really want to reduplicate what we'd associated with calm and soothing colors and environment, they really just allows you to transition from all the activity of the day into sleep readiness, that the brain chemistry actually has to shift, and you need about an hour for that to occur.

So, I'll tell people, create a relaxing bedtime routine to actually really give your brain a signal. I mean this is time to start getting ready to go to bed, you want to remove the electronics from the room, at that point you don't want to be thinking about everything you need to get done during the day and trying to work up to the last minute because unless you're extremely exhausted and you crave sleep debt, again you need an hour to transition into sleep.

So, you want to create a cool dark quiet comfortable environment so you can sleep in the [xx] without any difficulty, and it takes a bit. Most people who start this they feel a little anxious because its really hard letting go of those old habits that you really felt like you needed to cope with your day, just the last blackberry message or the last text message.

One more thing I have to do really is getting in the way of you really performing at your feet for the next day. So, put it all aside, get the [xx] out of the room, make it calm, cool and comfortable, and you'll find you'll be much more productive the following day.