What Can Help Me Get Back to Sleep If I Wake up in the Middle of the Night?

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Was very common for people to wake up in the middle of the night and start tossing and turning and worrying about the fact that they're not sleeping. want to do is stop tossing and turning. In fact, you're actually more asleep than you think. So, tossing and turning is a problem, because all it's going to do is as you tape your brain.

You just want to really capture the moment when you first are aware that you're awake and try to drift back into sleep by relaxing. You can do that in several ways, simply just laying still and relaxing your muscles is the first thing you could try, but if that doesn't seem to work for you.

There's a wonderful breathing technique that will actually help calm you down and relax you, it's called the 4-7-8 technique, and here's how it works. You want to breath in slowly through your nose to a count of four, inhale, once you've inhaled, you hold it for a count of seven, and then you exhale to a count of eight.

And you start by putting you tongue at the roof of your mouth, right behind your teeth. And again you inhale through your nose and you do this through for four repetitions. If after the first four brush you find you're still not sleeping well, you could try it for a second. This are the four, seven, eight inches.

See if it helps you helps you get back to sleep. Most people would find it well, now here's a little trick, you want to actually try practicing during the day. You want to do it once in the morning and once at night, and do it consistently and you will find when you wake up in the middle of the night, your physiology will actually change it away you would immediately respond to the breathing technique will work.

And in addition some other available tricks that you could use to help you get back to sleep at night. Avoid looking at the clock. Here is the reason why. There's two things about the clock. Number one your perception of how much times past is notoriously known to be inaccurate. So, you'll look at that clock and it's just going to reinforce that you're not sleeping.

When you start again, your brain is probably more a sleep than you think, so avoid looking at the clock. The other problem with the clock is the light immediately from the clock can cause you to be too activated, your brains will be too activated so you don't want have the clock and look at the clock.

If you need a clock to get up in the morning, say you're low woke up predictably devour, close the door, or put out in the wall but get the clock under the room and keep it tossing and turning at night. Something else you could do if found out the 15 minutes you really aren't sleeping well.

You want to get out of that bed, because lying that bed for more then 15 and sometimes even shorter periods of time will create and negative association. So, that you actually find it harder, and harder, and harder to fall asleep. So, if you're really struggling, if you're tossing and turning you want get out of that bit, and go do something relaxing.

A lot will say can I go on the internet, or can I go out on Facebook, not a good idea it will be too engaging into the mind interacting socially and playing those games so you want to avoid facebook and game play at night.