What Are Some Ways to Prepare Your Body for Rest?

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This relaxation drinks certainly might be a great way to prepare your body for rest. It will certainly replace alcohol or pills that you might want to to avoid. However, there's some other really great ways to help you prepare for relaxation and calm, simply just deep breathing, you'd be amazed at the impact that deep breathing can have.

And the reason for that is, the autonomic nervous system, your body is wired to be in tune with your knees. So when you decrease your breathing and take those deep breaths, it actually calms down your autonomic nervous system and makes you feel less on edge, so that's a simple way.

Green tea is also another great way of L-theanine and green tea is known to have a calming effect so that could be helpful, or simply just taking a walk out in nature is a great way to unwind and decompress. And if you're talking about trying to help yourself fall asleep at night, keeping a regular and consistent schedule can go a long way.

There's a clock in your brain that will help set the patterns for sleep and wake, and you'll find if you stick to that regular schedule, you'll be falling asleep and drifting off into calm sleep without any difficulty.