What Are Melatonin Supplements?

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Melatonin is actually a natural body hormone and it's one of those hormones that's part of the sleep-wake cycle that helps us to sleep. Think of Melatonin as somewhat of a blind or shade coming down your brain at night, blocking out the sun. The sun is an alerting factor for your brain, what happens there's a clock in your brain, and so when you wake up in the morning, that light signals the brain it's time to wake up and then that clock sets rhythms for wake and sleep, so your body will set rhythms for melatonin but it will also set rhythms for cortisol and body temperature, so there's many different patterns and rhythms within your body that help support that wake and sleep.

Melatonin is the one that the sleep inducing hormone. And what melatonin actually does, it helps you fall asleep, sets the time for bedtime so it'll induce sleep, it doesn't actually help you maintain sleep, so what we like to use melatonin for we call it a medication for Circadian Rhythm Abnormalities, fancy term to just describe somebody's pattern or rhythm for sleep and wake that is off.

So things that'll do that jet travel if you're travelling around the world it'll set your rhythm off and then melatonin can be very helpful for jet travel. People who are keeping an erratic schedules it can help them get their schedules stabilized, and if you just want to shift your schedule for whatever reason, melatonin is a great choice.