Is it Better to Sleep Alone or with a Partner?

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There are unfortunately many of us that are sleeping alone for many different reasons, and your sleep needs vary from person to person. So some people might find that they do sleep better alone, and some people will find that they just cannot sleep well without them. So you have to find what works best for you, and one thing I always say to couples that come to me for help, you have to have an honest conversation.

If you are sleeping apart you want to say yourself what is the reason for that? And sometimes that can be seem very simple things you can do to fix it. One of the first things that I find couples may have difficulty with are some simple things like temperature, snoring, one couple may be getting up out of bed at night to the bathroom, or just restless sleep.

So first identify what the problem is have an honest conversation about why you may find that it's not actually your partner, maybe something again simple like temperature if you change, and number two have a plan to fix it, if it's temperature, what you want to do is actually make the room cooler, being the one who needs the cooler temperature wins because your spouse could put on thin layers of clothing or actually starts to increase the coat temperature and make it easier for them to sleep.

If kicking or if your partner is getting up frequently out of bed, use pillows, pillows will help minimize the disruption and it'll allows you guys to sleep a little better in the bed together and if it's snoring there's some simple things you can do for that, sleeping on your side or fairing to help eliminate that snoring.

If you can't get this results with simple solutions, you should reach out to a professional for some for some help.