How Can Sleeping Too Much Be Harmful to My Health?

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No we think sleeping longer sound like a good thing but, sleeping longer doesn't necessarily mean that you're sleeping well. It's really like die. You can eat less or eat more but there's an amount that's just right and that's the same as sleep, the range is seven to nine and if you're sleeping too much, it suggests that there's a problem and you really need to try and understand why, why am I sleeping too much? And if you're sleeping more than 9 hours, 9-10 hours, night after night, month after month, then it suggests that you're on a pathway to illness, we'll see this pattern when people have sleep disorders, when they have lifestyle problems, they are interrupting their sleep, so that your body is craving more sleep and if your sleep is poor quality then no matter how many hours you`re getting you`re going to want more, so you`ll start to see people for sleeping longer, so it's an indication of a problem.

Studies have shown that when you sleep too long or when you sleep even too little, the dirt closes significant amount of stress on the body. And what that does, it releases inflammatory substances, called cyderkinds that are important for regulation of inflammation. And when you have inflammation that can cause problems like heart disease obesity and diabetes.

So sleeping too long can be a real health problem. If are also sleeping too long it suggests that your sleep is poor quality, and the reason maybe poor quality could be things like a breathing the soar like apemere, that can very stressful for your sleep and that's been linked to cardiac disease such as heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke and even premature death.

And studies have shown that not getting the right amount of sleep can be so significant it will increase your hearts conditions and when we shift during daylight savings time, that one hour that we all loose sleep. We've seen it every day light savings time that one hour is so stressful, the incidence of heart attack will increase by 8% the mandate after the day right saving time and again that's an opportunity to see a large number of the population all shifting at the same time.

So just speaks to how important your sleep really is.