How Can I Reset My Body Clock to Sleep Better?

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We are designed to be in sync with the environment and there's a clock in your brain that'll make sure that your internal environment is in sync with external environment. And one of the strongest setters of that clock is light. So when you open your eyes in the morning and expose yourself to sunlight, that helps set the clock in your brain.

There's other things that your brain will look for: social cues, that'll also tell your brain where it is in the 24 hr day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner or some of the other things, your favorite TV shows at night, that all help to set that clock. So, the timing of sleep is really very important and if you get up the same time every single day, that will help to make sure that that clock is set and what that will then do the clock will set rhythms for wake and sleep, and some of the rhythms you may be familiar with, melatonin is one that'll help you fall asleep at night, cortisol is an alerting hormone that will help you get up in the morning and body temperature is very important, you drift into sleep on a temperature drop and you wake up and the temperature elevates.

So keeping a regular schedule, getting up the same time very single day is critical to helping you keep healthy and establish well being is important for your mental health and your physical health.