How Can Having a Sleep Routine Help Me Sleep Better?

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What's really important to know about sleep, is that it's not just the hours, and the hours of sleep that you're getting are important, but there's also a pattern to sleep and timing of sleep is very, very important. One of the things, when you wake up in the morning and you keep a consistent wake up time, that sets a clock in your brain, that helps establish patterns of sleep and wake, but in addition to that, it controls and helps regulate all the biorhythms in your body.

So sleep has a far reaching impact not just again on sleep and wake, but on your entire physiology. In addition to that, when you keep a regular schedule, it helps to maintain the pattern of the sleep cycles at night, and why is that important? Well those stages of sleep and the pattern that you travel through throughout the evening is attached to, and regulates hormone release, and that's really important.

When you are not sleeping well at night, your sleep is restless and fragmented, and you keep in a regular schedule, those patterns of hormone release are disrupted. It also causes increases in inflammatory substances in the blood stream, the destruction of the hormones, the inflammatory substances in the blood stream, or will cause you to have premature aging, and will decrease your longevity, they in turn cause all the diseases we're trying to avoid.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, weight gain and specifically with the weight gain increase in waist circumference which we know is a real problem for your health. So maintaining a regular schedule is probably one of the best things you could do for yourself.