Can I Experience Withdrawal with My Sleeping Aids?

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Well, how people don't realize about sleeping peels after they've been taking them for a period of time. When you stop the sleeping medication, what typically will happen you'll develop rebound insomnia. So people will be taking this medications in many times the original reason they even had the insomnia in the first test place has long passed.

And now, they try get off these medications and unfortunately they experience this rebound insomnia and immediately say, aha I still need them and then they're very afraid to even stop at that point in time. And so it takes a little bit of time to get back of sleeping peels when should be an alarm for a while.

And what self patient should be taking them like way for months and months of several years even is to start slow. So we'll start reducing it so I'll them but I only want you to take these sleeping peels now only four nights a week or every other night and we'll keep slowly reducing the number of nights you're taking this pills till we get you to not needing it at all.