Can Adequate Sleep Help Reduce the Signs of Aging?

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There's actually a lot of great evidence out there and research has shown that sleep is one of those things that you can do and can focus on to improve the signs of ageing, one of the things that we focus on with sleep is making sure that you have a consistent schedule and time to bed and wake up time, what most people don't know we kind of think we'll sleep or aren't we just supposed to get the right amount of sleep at night and timing, it's not all about the hours actually the schedule is one of the key things that you could focus on for several reasons, number one when you keep a consistent schedule or a routine, the bio rhythms that are responsible for hormone release and regulation of your physiology are synchronized which is something that a lot of people aren't aware of and not only is important to have those bio rhythms maintained, we want to also maintain a regular pattern because the hormones are actually released and regulated based on those stages of sleep, so it's really important to make sure that you're at the very least getting up at the same time everyday and trying to get to bed at a good hour sleep and be regular about it.