What Vitamins Might Help with Memory?

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Vitamins that help with memory. Deep inside of your brain exist an organ called the hippocampus. Hippocampus is a relay center in the brain which actually decides whether or not you keep something or throw it out. In fact if we remembered everything, we'd be slightly confused, so it's purposeful to forget certain things, but a lot of us, because of high stress and poor diets forget more than we should.

In fact, it's the first sign of Alzheimer's onset. Couple of natural remedies can help however, one of my first and top favorites is called vinpocetine, it's from a periwinkle plant, and vinpocetine works to increase blood flow to the brain. It's a wonderful herb that will increase nutrients to the brain as well as blood glucose.

What that means is, your brain is better nutriefied. The hippocampus, works much better. The other one, bacopa, a aromatic herb. Bacopa protects the hippocampus, it's a antioxidant protecting it from the daily damage done by free radicals and the stress I just mentioned. So when it comes to increasing your power of your memory and your cognition, think vinpocetine and bacopa.