What Is a Negative Ion Generator?

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A Negative Ion Generator actually creates negative ions, they are invisible to your eye, at that molecular level. They're actually electrons, and we are bio-electric beings. And we're negatively affected by positive charges, and positively affected by negative charges. So, there's a number of devices out there that will pulsate these negative electrons that will float through the air, grabbing on to things like allergens, or toxins, and throwing them down to the ground making them heavier thereby purifying the air.

Now studies also show that negative ions in the air in the atmosphere will improve your mood, boost your serotonin, and the feel-good mood response, and overall, we're happier and healthier from it. Now you can find negative ion towers or some Himalayan rock salt lamps emit negative ions, but incredibly now, technology has advanced to the point where you can actually get CFL light bulbs which themselves emit negative ions up to a million per cubic centimeter, you don't have to find a separate portal, just use the light bulb and screw it into wherever you have a light socket.