What Are the Health Benefits of White Tea?

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The health benefits of drinking white tea are many. Now we may have heard of the active ingredient called EGCG in tea, white tea in particular is the highest amount. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate, say that 10 times fast. What science has shown is, this is antioxidant, very powerful antioxidant to protect the heart and the rest of your body, and empower your immune system, also helps to melt fat away, that's what I love about this. And why is it highest in white tea? Well, white tea is lot processed, from a very young age, the bud and the leaves before they open up, are steamed, they are picked, and then steamed before processing, which basically accounts for the least amount of oxidation, the reason greeand black tea is the color it is, it's that it's further processed. So you have a lot more of the EGCG found in white tea, and that's how it's going to help your metabolism.