What Are the Health Benefits of Rhubarb?

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Most of us have had strawberry rhubarb pie. Some of us don't like the bitter taste of the rhubarb, but I'll tell you there are many health virtues found within that stringy straw like vegetable substance, we all know it effectively as rhubarb. You know listen, the red color, the content is really that representative of antioxidants which are extremely heart healthy, very healthy for the digestive system, but did you know that rhubarb could also help you with your oral health care.

Why? Well listen, rhubarb has astringent qualities, that means it's going to tighten up your gums and if your dentist or hygienist come to you and said listen, your gums look a little inflamed or you are flossing. You might want to take up that practice and add a rhubarb tincture. Here's what you do, you chop up some rhubarb stocks, you put it in glass jar, you add some vodka, and let it sit in your cupboard in a dark, cool environment for about a week or two, and then you take that out, it's going to turn this really brilliant pink color, an ounce of that swished for about 20 seconds after you've brushed your teeth, your dentist is going to be proud.