What Are the Health Benefits of Ahi Flower?

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The health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are probably almost overly touted in this day and age and that's because you should be taking them every single day. Great studies show incredible health benefits to the brain, the heart, the nervous system and frankly may as well be called panacea because it's nearly that good for everything.

But, folks are still not getting enough, and that's often because they don't like fish oil, and perhaps it's regurgitating on them or may be they're environmentalist or vegan. Whatever it is, we need to be a little bit more responsible and I think we need to look for plant sources that are just as powerful as fish oil, and guess what there are a few, one of them is known as a Ahi flower, and from that seed contains a powerful form of omega-3 called SDA.

That's very similar to EPA, that's one of the things you want in your body to control inflammation, so Ahi flower may in fact be the new super omega-3.