How Can I Help Promote Sustainable Palm Oil Production?

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It's important to promote sustainable palm oil production because at the end of the day we're clearing forest at too high of a rate to develop this mono culture and that is not in the favor of animals, orangutans, you know kudos to Jane Goodall for her voice in this respect, rhinos and tigers and so many other beautiful wild life that ultimately have no longer habitat to survive in.

And it's also important to keep note of how you can look on a label so that you're not supporting deforestation but rather sustainable practices which by the way is happening in countries like Malaysia are setting a standard. This is what I want you to look for. RSPO which stands for the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil.

That RSPO acronym should be on the label before you consider purchasing palm oil, and keep in mind that palm oil is incredibly healthy for your liver, your heart, brain, recent studies showing to prevent stroke and even help lower your cholesterol.