Are There Side Effects to Using a Neti Pot Too Often?

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Some science, some research purports that using a Neti Pot too often can actually irritate the mucus membrane, [xx] if you already have allergy or you have chronic sinuses, always speak to your family doctor about whether using a Neti Pot is right for you. Here is the thing, point tips to keep in mind, you want to make sure you're using the right amount of salt, to check the package labeling, you don't want to have no salt either, because no salt also going to burn the nose, and that happens because it's drying your own electrolyte out of a nozzle cavity too quickly.

Now what you want is non-iodized salt, and typically, the average Neti Pot requires a quarter tea spoon of that and unless you have a chronic or acute sinus infection, I probably wouldn't recommend using it more than a few times every week, in the prevention of acute sinuses.