What Are the Treatment Options for Bronchitis?

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Patients with no history of lung disease who come down with bronchitis, the most common cause for this is a viral infection. Most viral infections do not require any treatment. We say that these are self limited diseases that will run their course and the patients will recover on their own.

Occasionally patients will have a bacterial infection causing the bronchitis. It is up to your doctor to determine if this is the case, but if it is, it would generally be treated with antibiotics. Patients with COPD who develop an acute episode of bronchitis are more likely to need antibiotics than patients without a history of lung disease.

If you've been diagnosed with bronchitis and in particular if it starts to be a viral bronchitis, there are several home remedies that you can do to help ease your symptoms. The first would be take over the counter cough expectorants. This will help bring up the mucus that's in the airways and help your body clear the infection.

In addition, patients frequently notice that when they take a steam shower, it helps loosen up the secretions in the airway well, and makes them breath a little bit easier. Otherwise I would recommend simple over the counter remedies for symptom control such as Tylenol for fevers or other cough suppressants.