How Is Pneumonia Treated?

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The main cause done on therapy for Pneumonia is antibiotics. Most Pneumonias are caused by bacteria infections on the lungs and antiboiticts will treat those infections, most patients can be treated with oral antibiotics and return to their home for treatments. In some cases, some extreme patients may need to be admitted to the hospital to get antibiotics to treat the infection.

Other than the antibiotics, some patients needs medications to help them bring up the secretions from deep in the air waves. This can be anything from anything from inhaled therapies to some mechanical therapies as well, such as vibrating devices. The patients have high fever, we will give things to bring down the fever such as tyranol or IB profein.

For severe cases of pneumonia where patient have to hospitalized they may need both antibiotics therapies and in the event they may have have a fluid collection developed as a result of the pneumonia, they may need drainage of that fluid. This can be done by a simple procedure called the torus and T-ses where a tin tube is placed and can drain the fluid across the lungs.

On cases where the fluid appears to be infected, a test tube can be placed to also drain the infection as well, in patients who had difficult to treat pneumonias that aren't responding to therapies, it may be necessary to perform a bronchoscopy. A bronchoscopy is a procedure camera is placed down airways and segment of the lungs is washed and biopsed to determine the cause of infection.