How Does Exercise Benefit People With COPD?

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I think any exercise in general would be beneficial to patients with COPD. Perhaps the easiest way to think about this is that the lungs are responsible for bringing oxygen in to the body and delivering it to the muscles of the body. If you're not exercising, your muscles will become weak and also if you're overweight, this will be an increase in work load on your muscles and demand more oxygen from them.

So patients can exercise and strengthen their muscles and reduce the amount of weight they're carrying. This will make it easier on the lungs to deliver the oxygen. The types of exercise that are helpful in COPD are anything that will get your cardio pulmonary system working. For patients who have never exercised before, I highly recommend walking.

It's the simplest thing to do and it's safe. If you do have any experience with exercise and are used to biking or swimming, these two are excellent exercises for COPD.