How Can Being in a Sexless Partnership Affect My Health?

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You know most people imagine that everybody else's sex life is great. Well, I am in a position to know that's not true because all day everyday, I'm teaching classes and working with people who are struggling with their sex life. I literally work with couples who have not had sex in five years, seven years and it's not that they don't love each other.

A sexless marriage or relationship is very hard on us emotionally and anything that triggers a negative emotion is also hard on the body because the body is not separate from what we feel or what we think. So if that symptom exist in your relationship, your sex life and that relationship is way down, work on it, work to heal your sex life because it heals a relationship and that makes a healthier body too.

So let me give you 3 pieces of advice that you can take to the bank, you might want to write this down because these are scientifically proven, most sexless relationship are relationship with a high level of combativeness a lot of falling into it's your fault no it's your fault we call that the blame cycle, anytime that's going to create distance.

That means the emotional distance and physical distance. Break the blame cycle instead of being combative practice being appreciative, offer affection, offer acceptance to yourself and to your partner and look for things to admire in your partner you'll find that instead of negative energy pushing you apart that positive energy is like a magnet and it pulls you closer together and you might just end up having a good night of love making.

In addition to practicing what I call before ray is that the acceptance affection admiration and of course being grateful for your partner. The other thing you might want to think abut doing is getting a really highly trained couples specialist or joining a class with somebody who's a couples specialist.

Most of us spend more time learning how to drive a car than learning how to be a relationship. When we learn better we do better. There's a lot you can learn by getting into great therapy, taking that class, reading books also a good way to go but please put at least as energy in as you did learning to drive the car.

Car will keep running and so will your relationship.