Who Is Vulnerable to Addiction?

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People who get addicted come from all walks of life, sometimes it's the result of trauma, meaning I got hurt so I will cope differently with alcohol and drugs so I feel better. Sometimes it's just a person that has a primary genetic previous position to get hooked on drugs or alcohol.

Look, I was an alcoholic crystal meth addict two pack a day smoker bulimic. What made me that? Even 10 years later I don't have of why that ended up being the way I live my life. I've a different view of it today than I did 10 years ago, but it's constantly evolving and for the public at large I think that the question of how did it happen is less important than what can we do to help and the answer is often involving experts that are not mom or dad or wife, people that are codependent or inmeshed in the situation but outside experts that can help, really help someone you love get better.