What Happens in an Addiction Intervention?

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One of the beautiful things about intervention today, what I call a 21st century intervention is you don't have to trap someone to help them. I popularized a type of intervention called an invitational intervention and it means just what it sounds like if I mean, you are inviting your loved one into a family meeting, it's not a set up, is not promise of a cheque, or surprise that granny is going to be there with a pot of gold.

It's just an invitation to sit with the family and friends in crisis to talk about how you all can help. The end goal of an intervention is to get someone to accept some sort of change plan. So you want to do a little homework before, and line up the kind of health that you think might be appropriate.

I was thinking a great way to start is with a good mental health assessment and is an expert in to the room. That is not attached not emotionally intertwined with the family, or the system, and give you a bird's eye view of what they think the problem is and how they think you all could help.

Old school intervention was to surprise someone and then ask them to trust you. This new way of intervening is also highly successful in getting a person to say yes, but it's saying hey we love you, we want to help you let's get together and talk and see what we come up with.