Should I Seek Professional Help When Setting up an Addiction Intervention?

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One of the great things about writing books is getting letters from people who've read your books and then in my case in my life then [xx] on their own. So might you get professional help absolutely. Look if you can great. I always air on the side of having people that know what there doing differently than you in the room.

But for many families price will be a primary barrier to help. So, don't talk yourself out of getting help. Go to the library, get my book, how to help the one you love, how to change someone you love. They are both wonderful guides on how to intervene in a loving honest contemporary way.

Again, the idea of inviting someone in the help. Finances are often the primary reason why people don't do that. So there are great resources online too. You can find my book online that will really walk you through step by step how to do it.