How Can I Boost My Mood Naturally?

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Mood boosting is something I think most people try to do, they do it with drugs alcohol, cigarettes certainly boost your mood so there are lots of natural remedies that we get stuck with because they certainly boost our mood but they're not healthy for us. So, I try to help people have more good and less bad in their lives by getting rid of some of that stuff but some other things that are really important are also things that you might not think about, like making sure you get enough sleep.

That's an incredible mood booster, making sure that you are hydrated and that you don't drink your calories with juice or soda, meaning you don't pack your body full of sugar. Another thing that's really important to have boundaries with work and the people in your life. That's a huge mood booster.

People that identify that they hate their job, also suffer more from depression and anxiety. So look at the things that clutter your life and then try to have less clutter in your life and I think you'll see a real connection to how your mood feels, how you feel, how you are to the folks around you.

Another thing you can do too is concentrate on what you put in you in terms of food and liquids too. Teas are great ways that you can boost your mood. I know a lot of people think about coffee and caffeine are the primary things that you can do to get energy or pep, but there are also some mood boosting teas that will fundamentally change how you feel boosting your mood.

It's not just what's in them although that's part of it because aroma satiates your brain in a pretty special way and activates a change of mood, but also just the process and the ritual of it. The cutting of the leaves if you do that, the steeping of the leaves, if you do that and then just taking time out to do something special for yourself.

It's a big piece of how teas can be helpful in boosting your mood right where you're at, if you can just slice a little bit of time out of your day to take care of yourself that way.