How Can Drinking Tea Help Relieve Stress?

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One of the ways that drinking tea changes your mood and makes you feel better is pretty simple. It's the aroma, so you know of course we have a few senses, five senses most people would say and we see things, we taste things, but also we really smell things consider like, have you ever walked in a room and an awful odour how it immediately pushes you to leave, or open a window, or change the smell in there.

Same goes with how you and blister mood in the opposite direction with something that's really pleasing and that dictates a mood change, that is you accept the smell under your nose and it goes right up in the your brain and you digest it before you even drink the tea. So think of that as really a sense that you are tickling, the aroma through your sense of smell.

Few things that I discovered in Peru that were pretty cool, a couple of them were right here in my backyard but I never really notice them. Those were taking herbs that are at the grocery store that you use in everyday life. Primarily Rosemary or basil to make tea, today on the Dr.

Oz Show we made tea with cocoa nibs which is what is used to make chocolate, who doesn't love chocolate, but cocoa nibs are a sugar-free, fat-free way to enjoy the flavor and the aroma of chocolate in a really unique and special way. So you just deep the nibs like you would tea leaves and you end up with a very lightly caffeinated tasty, chocolaty, sugar free drink that's really satisfying.

Again that aroma that tends to boost your moods and reduce anxiety and increase contentment.