What Are Some Tips to Make My Relationship Healthier?

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With a relationship, prevention is something that you can do, just like you would with a medical problem. You can actually talk to your spouse, talk to your boyfriend about things that are bothering you, before they become full blown, before you have to sit down, and say, hey, we have to have a conversation about this in a really serious way.

You can talk about little things that are bothering you, so that they don't turn into big ones, and they don't turn into massive fights that you can't get over. So, make sure that you have times where you give each feedback, and you can give each other feedback about what works, and what doesn't work for you.

So mention prevention in your relationship. Make sure that you have a time, and a place for communication where you can give them feedback, about what they're doing, and also where you can get some feedback about your own actions.