What Are the Natural Alternatives to Statins?

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The best alternative is a healthy lifestyle and by a healthy lifestyle I mean eating a plant based diet basically the Mediterranean diet, you need to eat colorful fruits and vegetables, you need to eat whole grains, olive oil should be your main source of fat calories, you want to avoid manufactured foods, I tell my patients, if you're really serious about your heart health, you will eat food that has been monkied with by human beings as little as possible.

If you don't have a problem with alcohol, red wine with dinner is pat of the Mediterranean diet and again you want to treat meat as a condiment not a nontray, you should have sea food a few times of week and you should limit your intake of meat particularly processed meat. Well, there are certainly other drugs that are less dangerous than statins that will lower cholesterol, there's a class of medication called Bile acids sequestrants.

There are also herbal remedies, the most popular one is called red rice yeast but the problem with red rice yeast is it lowers your cholesterol because it contains a statin. It contains the very first statin that was approved by the FDA called Logo statin. So you often hear people say, well it's natural so it's safer but in fact you don't know that it's safer because this red rice yeast is not regulated by the FTA and you have no idea of how much Logo statin you're getting.