What Are the Common Side Effects of Statins?

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The most common side effect of Statins is muscle pain and in many cases, muscle damage, and the damage can be so severe that it can be fatal. Statins can interfere with our ability to think and remember. I have had patients who are university professors who on Statins were unable to do their research, were unable to supervise their students and luckily these symptoms went away when they stopped the Statins.

Statins can also cause amnesia. The other very dangerous side effect of Statins is that taking a Statin increases your risk of developing diabetes. Even in women who are not overweight because overweight is a risk factor for developing diabetes, but even in women who are not overweight, taking a Statin can increase your risk of developing diabetes by 50% or more.

Statins can also cause liver damage, they can cause kidney damage, they increase your risk of certain types of arthritis, they can increase your risk of tendon damage and tendon inflammation. Statins also can cause damage to your nerves, what we doctors call neuropathy. And this can also be crippling and very very painful.