How Can Women Reduce Their Risk of Heart Disease?

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Women can reduce their risk of heart disease in a couple of different ways. Number one, don't smoke and avoid second hand smoke. Smoking is one of two risk factors for heart disease, it's actually more dangerous for women than men. The other is diabetes. Most of the diabetes we see can be directly traced to a diet that's high in process carbohydrates, high in sugar, high in high proctose corn syrup that you get in processed foods and lack of excercise.

So, the current recommendations are, that if you are woman you should accumulate at least 150 one fiber minute per week of moderate aerobic exercise and moderate is walking at a three mile an hour race. So avoiding smoke, maintaining a normal body weight, exercising, eating a plant based diet and having your blood pressure checked, and if your blood pressure is elevated then it's important that you be treated with diet first and if that is ineffective, with blood pressure lowering medications to keep your blood pressure in the normal range.