What Supplements Can I Take to Treat Adrenal Fatigue?

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So I would say the top three supplements for adrenal fatigue that I use in my practice are B complex, and that you can either take as a separate B complex supplement usually 1 to 2 capsules or tablets a day or you can get that in your multi-vitamin. I recommend magnesium and usually either in the form of glycinate or magnesium citrate but just be careful with the citrate.

I use that for people with constipation cause that helps the bowels move. But it's a great combination supplement if that's going on for you, otherwise the glycinate. Again, you can get that in your multivitamin but a lot of people with adrenal fatigue need a little bit more. The usual dose is around 300 to 600 mgs a day.

That's safe for most people but of course it's a good idea to check with you primary doctor before you start taking that. Now my favorite secret weapon for adrenal fatigue is a class of herbal medicines or botanicals called adaptogens. And these actually help to reset the adrenals.

The top three that I would recommend that are generally again safer for most people are rhodiola, which is terrific if you also have anxiety, ashwagandha, which is great if you're having sleep trouble or musculoskeletal discomforts also like aches and pains and finally eleutherococcus, which is fantastic if you do did need little bit of extra energy, but you are also tired and wired all the time.

Those can be taken as capsules, tablets or in liquid extracts called tinctures..