What Are Some Treatment Options for Adrenal Fatigue?

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So, the great news about adrenal fatigue is that it can be prevented and it can be treated. Some of the most important things for prevention and treatment are actually the same. So, making sure that you are spending some time everyday, just what I call decompressing, or distressing.

Making sure that there are a couple of periods of time, even 5 minutes, twice a day when you kind of press the pause button as I like call it, take a few deep breaths, shut out the rest of the world and just relax. That is so important to resetting the adrenal, because they're constantly thinking that you need to go on this fight or flight.

So, just telling them a few times a day, hey it's safe here, I can rest can actually start to re-calibrate your entire system. Along with that it's really important to eat regularly because when we have ups and downs in our blood sugar periods where our blood sugar is low because we've skipped meals or eaten things that don't sustain us, followed by periods of time where we're eating a lot of carbohydrates, quick food, sugar, to get our energy up quickly, that actually tells our body we're under stress.

And the body doesn't know whether the stress is because there is something really wrong in your life or really wrong in your health, or it's just stress because you're not resting enough or not relaxing enough, or not eating regularly enough. So, I encourage all my patients to make sure to start the day with a great breakfast, high protein, good quality starch even some vegetables can be totally fine at breakfast.

Make sure that you're starting the day not with a cup of coffee but if you do drink coffee, keep it to one cup, and try to have that with your breakfast. It gives it a more slow burn instead of spiking your blood sugar and spiking your insuline up only to crash it down later. So, those are probably the two most important things, and then throughout the day to eat regular snack.

I really encourage people to eat something about every three hours to keep the blood sugar steady, not everybody needs this, but a lot of people once they start doing this, really respond beautifully and find their stress levels come down tremendously. And with those snacks and every three hours of eating again emphasize high quality protein and good quality fats.

And then the other thing that I strongly emphasize is having good sleep practices. The whole tired and wired before bed where you get in bed, and you can't settle down, you can actually reverse that too by practicing what is called good sleep hygiene. And the most important thing for sleep hygiene, I know, if are like me, that computer is on, the cell phone's still going right up till the time you hop into bed, but actually the best thing is to shut it about an hour before, and let your nervous system start to unwind, believe or not there are actually chemicals that are triggered in your brain that keep you awake, just by looking at the lights, specifically that's on your computer and your cell phone.

And so anything you can do to unwind within that hour before bed, can help your adrenals restore themselves and help knock that fatigue out.