What Causes Complications From Type 2 Diabetes?

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I think some people might think that only people that don't take care of their disease and are the worst at maintaining their health, would reach that point and actually what I found is that it can happen because diabetes is a silent disease. It can happen without people even knowing it.

They might think they're doing the right thing, and you can still develop complication. We recommend people to visit their physician at least annually to get checks and you get checks of your eyes, you get checks of where your average blood sugar is, you get checks of your feet, see if the nerves are functioning properly.

If you do some health maintenance you can prevent those complications that don't fit on the side lines. When you have this disease you want to get up to be proactive about what you have, check your blood sugars on occasion to make sure they're being maintained where they should be.

Because it is as a direct result of high blood sugar and if you're having high blood sugars maintained over long periods of time. I'm talking about as long as a month, years, that's when the complications develop..