What Are Some of the Myths About Diabetes?

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I think some of those are cultural. Some of the myths we talked about are already that you can't reverse diabetes once you get it. In the Latino culture, they have something called fatalismo which means once I've gotten it that's it. I'm going to end up with blindness, kidney failure, amputation just because that's what happened to grandma.

But that's not the case and some of the things we try and instill in our patients are, you can change it, you can and take control of your own disease, and if you do certain things you'll be able to change the outcome. Other interesting myths that we've found if you eat something called nopale which is cactus, that you'll cure your diabetes, or maybe in other cultures cinnamon has been touted as the way to cure your diabetes they always treated trust.

Those are interesting, but they've not been proven to really have great effects on improving diabetes.