How Does an Insulin Pump Work?

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It's usually inserted there's a little canular that inserts just underneath the skin usually where to cross the front of your abdomen somewhere, and it stays in all the time. You'd change it about every three to four days just the canular part although there are also disposable pumps that have been created so it can be both the hard words that stays or you can just change the chemilab[sp?] pump it and get a new one on.

It delivers continuously, we can adjust the rate so that at night when you might a little bit higher rate. It delivers it automatically higher when you're out during the day we can adjust it for lower, you can program it to do that. There is still some [xx] the future would be something called a Closed Loop Pump where we take the device that measures the blood sugar, have that one increase the number to your pump, have your pump calculate based on that blood sugar, how much inflammation you get and celebrant[sp?] We're not quite there yet but we are close and I think that I will see that in the next three to four years.