How Can Technology Help Improve Diabetes Care?

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We had a lot of progress in technology around diabetes, so everything from insulin to pumps which is a device that delivers insulin under the skin continuously people that required it all the time. Those used to be as big as a bag pack you get to carry on your back although now the size of the very small cell phones and it can transmit the information when you need a dose, while you're flicking a little handheld device to a pump, the way we measure blood sugar has changed, again very fast, very small amounts of blood although you still need to prick your finger, much much easier than 20 years ago.

We can now transmit information wirelessly from you the patient when you stick your blood sugar directly to the providers. They can capture in a cloud and either the patient can look at it in the cloud, or I can look at it in the cloud, or my community team can look at it, and see how the patient is doing and if you're not doing well we'll give you a call.