What Should I Do If My Triglycerides Are High?

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And we're back now with Dr. Arthur Agatston, the bestselling author behind the South Beach Diet and a world class cardiologist. What did he learn treating patients? Has that only helped millions lose weight? But he's helping to crack the code for preventing the biggest killers in America including heart disease, diabetes and alzheimers.

He's also learned something brand new about cholesterol that has absolutely blown my head Arthur. You have turned it on its head, all the things we thought we knew about those cholesterol numbers how, and why are we missing the boat? Well, it's probably technology, in the history of cholesterol we worry first about the total cholesterol, then we heard about the good cholesterol, or the bad cholesterol now we realize it's all about size.

So, even with the bad cholesterol, there are a little lone ladies running around with photo cholesterols of 300 very high bad cholesterol who have squeaky clean vessels because they have big particles that don't cause blockages. So, let me see if I can't explain this a little bit.

There are there's angel cholesterol particles and there's devil cholesterol particles, and this is the big deal here, we just focus on the total number, but like boss. There's some good people and some bad people, and so you are going to figure out what kind of cholesterol particle that really is.

I am going to put this information as Dr Razak comes. I think it's so revolutionary and so important, and you know you have been way ahead the curve as for all of our experts for your entire life. I want this to be on everyone's radar screen. But, if you have a cholesterol number and that is the main reason you are being treated with medications, you need to double check to make sure you need [xx] medications.

And conversely if you're overweight and doing all the wrong things, but you're lucky, because you got your number, perfect, don't believe it. Don't believe it, because it's possible that all the total numbers might look good. They are all devils doing bad things. And all you're is having devils not many of them but you don't eat a lot to mess up the pie in there, and you want to make more of those good guys.

You can do that with some of the things we are going to talk about today, and the south beach Dr Hugosson built the premise, that you can lose weight on three fundamental principles, that you have good fats, good carbs like whole wheats products and, whole grains and lean proteins.

So, explain this, why are fats not the ultimate bad guys of heart disease? Well, a lot of people thought that for years but they're the same as with the particles. They are good guy fats, the olive oils, canola oils, the omega-3, and the bad fats, the particularly saturated paths and the worst are the trans fats in all of our baked goods.

Right, and we're going to tell something about that. In fact we're going to it it now, show you how to loose weight, cut the pounds off, but also it reduces the risk of heart disease [xx] let's walk over here. So, let's start off with the good fats Dr. Agasam[sp?] is talking about.

These good fats fight off the inflammation that doctor [xx] was talking about earlier. So, we've go fatty, cold water fish always have healthy fats in them, because that's how the fish can keep moving water because oil doesn't freeze over. So, you're is going to canolo oil of course, and then my favorite olive oil.

So ,why are these inflammation fighters? Well, they really, our arteries when there is inflammation are getting stick cloti constricti[sp?], that's what causes heart attacks. This in a sense lubricates the arteries reverse, is that it? It's almost like using a hair conditioner.

If you have naughty hair, this is the hair condition where it lubricates everything smooth, the comb flows through. When you use the good fats, everything flows so in one point [xx] did an independent study using our diet in this approach to look at acne, and as Dr. Paracon[sp?] said and showed that this approach did get rid of the blemishes.

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